Services we offer


Each pen incorporates a snug, heated indoor area for eating and sleeping quarters, leading onto a spacious outdoor area. Unlike a lot of catteries we offer 24 hour access to fresh air for our cats. The boarding of your cat includes food, a basket with provided bedding and a litter tray. Each unit is given a full cleanse daily. Owners are welcome to bring their own blankets and bedding if preferred, provided they have been thoroughly washed before arrival.


We keep most brands of cat food varying from Whiskas, Felix, Kitekat, Butcher’s Classic and leading brands of dry biscuits. Also we always keep a stock of tuna for treats. We understand the importance of maintaining your cat’s regular diet, feel free to bring their own special diets.


We do not accept any cats that have not been fully vaccinated, your cats should receive a booster injection yearly. Vaccination certificates must be displayed while your pet is staying on our fully licensed premises, we reserve the right to refuse entry of cats to our cattery if proof of vaccination is not provided. We also recommend cats be up to date on their flea treatment prior to arrival. Any cats found with fleas will have to be treated immediately on site and charged a fee of £10.


We will be happy to oblige with any medication your cats are receiving, tablets or creams can be given at no extra cost.

Accommodation for Small Animals

We now can cater for smaller animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice and budgies. Cages/housing/hutches must be provided by owners as well as their food.